Ultra-large caliber polyurethane hoses are flattened coiled hoses that can transmit medium under positive pressure. The product has a large caliber (hose diameter not less than 200mm) and strong pressure-bearning capability with high transport efficiency. They can be used to transmit gas, water, oil and other medium while remaining pollution-free to the conveying medium. They can be widely used in urban emergency drainage systems (firefighting, water pollution and flooding) and can quickly solve water supply and drainage problems in emergency situations.

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Founded in August 1999, WeiHai YiHe Special Material Products Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of polyurethane polymer soft products. At present, it has passed the verification of ISO9001:2008 and American Petroleum Institute both Quality Management System Certification and the authentication of CHINA High-tech Enterprise.

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