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A brief introduction to some small knowledge of the drought-resistant water sac
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Drought-water capsules, which can be stored on the ground or transported by vehicles, reduce the evaporation and waste of water in the process of turbulence, facilitate the storage of water and other liquids, and greatly save transportation and logistics costs. In today's world, the natural environment is getting worse and worse, and more water is precious. The gradual shortage of water leads to our desire to develop water resources and get rich. And the presence of the water sac, the breaking of that condition.

Water bags have high strength, light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free water quality, aging resistance and good water resistance, water bags have a variety of shapes and simple packaging, when there is no water, can fold, can make iron products and plastic containers unparalleled advantages, greatly our water demand.

Features of drought-resistant water sac:

1. Convenient and durable. Folding, wear - resistant, easy storage, anti - uv performance.

2. The water bag bottom mold does not need to be replaced and will never wear.

3. Well-sealed, so that people do not need to care about seasonality and have good corrosion resistance.

4. Various types of drought-resistant water capsules, which have a wide range of USES, are used in agriculture to fight drought, collect rain water, public emergency and fire control, etc., and have remarkable effects.