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Application range of the oil SAC
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1. Various industrial oils and fats:

Lubricating oil, lubricating oil additive, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high-oil fatty acid, oleic acid, etc.

2. Food:

Wine, edible oil, all kinds of concentrated juice, food additives, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, mineral water, wheat essence, all kinds of syrup.

3. Non-hazardous liquid chemicals:

Plasticizer, synthetic resin, cleaner, disinfectant, surfactant, polyol, feed additive, silicate, saline solution, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, polyether, alkylating agent, herbicide, fertilizer, natural rubber, synthetic latex, etc.