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How to prevent the hydraulic hose burst?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

In the actual work of hydraulic hoses sometimes burst phenomenon, which caused serious damage to production and operations, and maintenance is very difficult, often let people helpless. So the only way to minimize this possibility is to nip the danger in the cradle as a wise choice.

In particular, the precautionary approach generally has the following:

1. In the event of the implementation of a finite-depth-wheel-mounted farm implements, the operation must be in a "floating" position rather than a "neutral" position. 2. If the automatic return of the dispenser fails, be sure to timely repair can not be delayed.

2. If there is no automatic return of the dispenser, the farm implements "lifting" or "pressure drop" to the end position, to immediately back to the "neutral" position.

3. If the farm implements are transported, the speed should be reasonably chosen according to the flat conditions of the road, preventing the piston from overloading the load and causing the machine to malfunction and damage.

4. The opening pressure of the dispenser safety valve should be adjusted correctly according to the machine operation condition. 5. According to the actual situation of the soil to grasp the degree of pressure drop tools in the ground, rather than unrestricted "pressure drop", so it is easy to cause machine damage.