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Scope of use of polyurethane hoses
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Thermoplastic polyurethane hoses are widely used and can be applied to:

In terms of pressure bearing, it can not only make low pressure hose, steel wire reinforced high pressure hose and fiber reinforced high pressure hose; In terms of proper media, it can be used for various kinds of trachea, woodworking industry, hydraulic oil pipe, brake liquid pipe, gasoline pipe, diesel oil pipe, lubricating oil pipe, light acid (alkali) pipe, slurry pipe, cleaning pipe, food pipe, medicine pipe, etc. From the application industry, it can be a variety of cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, ships, machine tools, trains, mining machinery, high-pressure cleaning machinery, petrochemical equipment, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment, cable sheath, instrumentation, food equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and other products used hose.