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The special point of the oil SAC
- Aug 31, 2018 -

A pouch is a container used for carrying fuel, mainly gasoline, diesel, etc., so what's special about it?

Compared with ordinary oil tanks, oil capsules are wear-resistant, shock-resistant and highly collapsible, which is very suitable for carrying because of their light weight and easy to use.

The diameter of oil capsule is about 36mm, which is very suitable for canning. It has strong sealing and various colors, most of which are military green, because the outer wall has been treated with fire retardant.

The material is made of oil - resistant adhesive cloth. It can be placed directly in the back of the car, but be careful to keep it flat and away from the sharp objects of the debris, to prevent the oil pocket from puncturing because of brake inertia. If the vehicle has a special frame, put the oil pocket in the special frame, improve safety!

It must be noted that after the oil in the oil pocket is used up, it must be placed in a safe place in time, leveling or rolling is ok.