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What are the excellent characteristics of polyurethane hoses?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Polyurethane hose, according to the production of materials can be divided into polyester-polyurethane hose and polyether polyurethane HOSE, it has many other material hose does not have excellent characteristics, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-microbial, high temperature and so on, so in many industries are widely used.

Long service life Polyurethane hoses are flexible and resistant to high-strength rolling and low wear. It has a very good corrosion resistance, it is difficult to be dissolved by chemical substances such as acid and alkali, so the use of time is very long.

It and rubber, PVC and other traditional materials of the hose compared to save a lot of enterprise procurement costs.

Transport Light

The polyurethane hose is light and flexible, and in transit, it is much lighter than the tube weight of other materials, so deformation and wear are not produced during the transport process.

Wide range of applications The excellent properties of polyurethane hoses make it widely used in many industries, such as food, medicine, woodworking, chemical industry, agriculture, Water conservancy and so on; PU hose can be used to transport and suction of dust-like solids, gases, but also to transport water, food, oil, chemical liquids and so on.

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