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A Word In Detail Analysis Of Polyurethane Hoses
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Talking about polyurethane hoses, many people are confused. The products used in electronics, chemicals, carpentry and other fields are probably only known to those who work there. But wouldn't it be better to know about these types of hoses later? What the hell is a polyurethane hose? What does it do? What is it made of? What's it like? Where can it be used? What is polyurethane?

First, let's dissect each word. Polyurethane is a macromolecular compound, all known as polyurethane. Chemically, poly means that there are multiple groups that are repeated on the main chain, and the group of polyurethane is carbamate. Polyurethane is used for a wide range of purposes, as well as rubber, plastics and nylon, in this case, for hoses. A polyurethane hose is a hose made of polyurethane.

The polyurethane hose has good abrasion resistance, especially the ultra-high-wear-resisting polyurethane hose. Its structure includes three layers, namely inner rubber layer, fiber reinforced layer and outer rubber layer. Therefore, this kind of hose is just like its name. Hose is an important component of industrial production, which can be used for wire, cable, automatic instrument signal, civil shower processing, protection, good performance. It can transmit a variety of media, such as gas, water, oil, and there is no pollution to these media. And its light weight, good abrasion resistance, high degree of under pressure, high transmission efficiency, good shock resistance, oil resistance good, soft texture, good fatigue resistance, and can be used to its volume, operation is very convenient, laying speed, flexible and can quickly adapt to the environment, safe, reliable and durable performance, durable, and so on.

Therefore, we can be at the airport, water conservancy project, wine shop, the building materials industry, automobile factory, coal plants, sports venues, cement plants, metallurgical plants, apartment, printing houses, villas, food processing, hotel, garden beautification, concentrator, construction site, textile mills, colored stone art, medical industry, petrochemical industry, parks, streets to see the figure of polyurethane hose. However, polyurethane hoses are mostly common in industry.