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Development Of Polyurethane Hoses Abroad
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Polyurethane hoses, due to their excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and other properties and extensive use, have attracted more and more engineers' attention and favor. At present, it has shown its superior characteristics in the fields of hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, oil transportation, lubrication, material transportation and so on. In the industry hose family has become a particularly bright star.

Development of polyurethane hoses abroad

Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of synthetic macromolecular material between plastics and rubber, its biggest characteristic is to remain elastic under high hardness, and has excellent wear resistance, good mechanical strength, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and so on. Chemically, there are polyester and polyether types. From the processing method, there are mixing type, casting type and thermoplastic type three. Polyurethane hoses | polyurethane hoses |PU hoses |TPU hoses were first developed in the United States, followed by west Germany and Japan to copy the products of the United States, and then industrialized production in western industrial developed countries. The invention of polyurethane hose, due to its superior performance which cannot be compared with other industrial hoses, has been widely valued and welcomed by the society in the industrial developed countries, and widely used in the hydraulic system, oil transportation system and lubrication system of machine tools, automobiles, ships and various machinery. Many manufacturers use such hoses as an important means to improve the internal performance and appearance quality of their products.