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Four Main Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Industrial Hoses
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Industrial hose, also known as industrial hose. It is mainly used for software connection between various devices. Therefore, it has high bending performance and wide application range. It can be used not only in industry and agriculture, but also in many fields such as medicine and chemical industry. At the same time, it has relatively low requirements on operating environment, so it will often replace traditional civil hoses in the more complex and harsh environment. What factors affect the service life of industrial hoses? Let's learn about it together.

First, hose material. Generally speaking, the hose with natural rubber material has the longest service life, followed by ethylene propylene, and finally butyronitrile. To extend the service life of the hose, it is necessary to select suitable materials.

Second, transport medium. In addition to the compatibility of the conveying medium, the temperature of the medium also greatly affects the service life of the hose. If the temperature is too high, the hose will age faster and reduce the service life. Therefore, the proper temperature should be chosen during use.

Third, compression mode. In terms of the damage degree of the compression process to the hose, the diameter of the roller is better, but the damage degree of the small diameter is also significantly lower than that of the slip boot. Of course, compression strength is also an important factor affecting the service life of hoses. Excessive compression tends to increase the load on the bearing and consume more energy. Insufficient compression also results in internal leakage and backflow, while reducing the volume efficiency. It is estimated that just one centimetre of excessive compression reduces the service life of the hose by 25 per cent.

Fourth, the pump speed and the use of lubricant. This point is mainly aimed at the hose used in the industrial hose pump, the pump speed is one of the most important factors affecting the service life of the industrial hose. In general, doubling the speed of rotation reduces life by half, and vice versa. Of course, adding lubricant regularly can also increase the service life of the hose.

So a lot of the conditions are far from that, and a lot of the conditions are going to determine the lifespan. For example, whether a hose is constantly bent can affect its life. In addition, as the number of hose compression and long-term wear, it will be too tired to continue to use.