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The Range Of Polyurethane Hoses And The Features Of The Hoses
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Color of polyurethane hose: translucent PU pipe wall, reinforced with copper clad plastic coated steel wire screw (flame retardant)

Temperature range: -40co / +90Co(short-time tolerable +125Co)

Properties: polyester PU hose with copper coated steel wire spiral reinforcement. Smooth inner wall to ensure material flow in pipe

It has high abrasion resistance and service life compared with traditional rubber hose and PVC hose. Resistant to mineral oil and chemicals

Product. Excellent ozone and weather resistance. Halogen free, in compliance with RoSH environmental directive. Helical wire grounding permits electrostatic discharge, in accordance with TRB 3, 2153. Flame retardant compliance.

Application range of polyurethane hoses: this is a multi-purpose hoses suitable for the transmission and suction of abrasion materials such as particles and scraps. In the plastics industry can be used for the rapid transmission of plastic particles and scraps. It is also widely used in printing industry and industrial vacuum cleaning.