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What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of The Soft Oil Sac, Water Sac And Liquid Bag?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Soft bag of fluid, oil, water, using the polymer materials, professional equipment, advanced technology, suitable for temporary and long-term storage of drinking water, jam, dairy food grade liquid cargo, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, industrial oil, weak acid alkali chemicals, organic solvent without chemicals and other industrial liquid cargo, and store Yan gas, hydrogen and argon gas, natural gas and other chemical and acetylene gas, methane. All kinds of available chemical gases, such as dried orange gas and low pressure industrial storage tanks. It plays an important role in water transportation, especially suitable for water transportation in hilly and mountainous areas. Tailor-made for various types of vehicles, it replaces the previous heavy, rusting, short life of iron and rubber barrels, which will not touch the body due to the poor road in transportation and extend the life of the car. When use, won't be unable to use normally because of the change of season, when its need not, can fold deposit, reduce dimensional occupy quantity. Good sealing and corrosion resistance, can be used to store some liquid with pungent smell of raw materials, its life can be used for 8-10 years.

Product features

1. Water resistance: that is, the performance of water is basically unchanged after being soaked by water, and it is waterproof under water pressure.

2. Temperature stability: no flow, bubbling and sliding under high temperature; Non-brittle properties at low temperature. It can also be considered as the ability to maintain the original performance under certain temperature changes.

3. Mechanical strength, ductility and fracture resistance: the property of not breaking under the load stress and deformation conditions within the allowable range of the building structure.

4. Flexibility: low temperature flexibility is required for waterproof materials to ensure easy construction and non-brittle cracking.

5. Atmospheric stability: the ability to resist aging and erosion under the combined action of sunlight, heat, oxygen and other chemical erosion media and microbial erosion media.


1. For the storage and transport of drinking water and various liquids;

2. Agricultural drought resistance, economic, affordable and convenient;

3. Collect rainwater for preparation;

4. Emergency rescue, fire fighting, lifesaving, explosion protection, etc.